Introduction to Free Motion Embroidery tutorial

Introduction to Free Motion Embroidery

Release the creative potential of your sewing machine with this step-by-step introduction to free motion embroidery.

You’ll love seeing shapes, texture and detail emerge as you guide your fabric through the machine, and will gain the confidence to create your own beautiful textile artworks.

We’ll cover:

  • how to set up your sewing machine for free motion embroidery
  • how to work both freely and safely
  • how to choose the best thread, stitches, tension and speed
  • how to translate sketches into embroidery
  • different styles of free motion embroidery, including plant shapes, full colour embroidery and using appliqué techniques to incorporate other fabrics.


Once you’ve learnt the basic techniques you’ll be free to experiment and find your own style. Or continue with my nature-inspired scenes if that’s what you love!

You’ll also be invited to join our facebook community. It’s a great way to see what others are creating, to share your work and ask questions.

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