Discover the joy of community in the textile art world.

Come and hang out with other experienced textile artists in the Flourish Club.

You’ll get inspiration, support and advice on all things textile mixed media
(ideal when you’re feeling stuck).

Rediscover the fun of creative play – and the wellbeing aspects that come with it.

Ellie Artist (Studio & Countryside)

The Flourish Club is ideal for you if...

• You’ve completed 12 months of Flourish membership or you’re an experienced textile artist

• You want to be in a community of like-minded practicing textile artists

• You’re not looking for teaching (because you know enough already!)

• You’d like monthly prompts to push your own creative practice

• You’re keen to give and receive textile art tips, tricks and constructive feedback

This isn’t a teaching membership, it’s a community.

As a creative, you can sometimes feel very much on your own. You might hit a creative wall and think, ‘I just don’t know how to move forward with this piece…’

Luckily for you, that’s what this group is for!

“Flourish is the best step I've taken on my creative journey in a long time. Ellie's support and encouragement is brilliant. I really value the sense of community and friendship with other like-minded creative people.”

Here’s how the Flourish Club works

Membership in the Flourish Club is for a minimum of 12 months. That way, it’ll give us a chance to really get to know each other, and build a strong community.

How to join

If you’ve completed 12 months of Flourish membership, you’ll be able to join straightaway.

If you haven’t been part of the membership (no problem!) you’ll need to fill in an application form and submit some examples of your work. I’ll then get back to you within 5 working days to let you know what happens next.

Ways to pay

You can pay for the 12 months upfront (with a discount!) or in monthly instalments.

Ellie Artist (Studio & Countryside)

What’s in the online club area?

In the club area of, you’ll find the pre-recorded creative prompts to push your own practice.

You’ll also have access to all the existing artist interviews from my membership group, as well as future ones. These will help inspire you, and maybe you’ll even discover something new.

“I really value getting to know other like-minded members at the live Zoom. I always come away feeling buoyed up..”

Watching a video tutorial for Flourish membership

What are the creative prompts?

You’ll get access to a new creative prompt on the 1st of each month.
In each video, I’ll talk you through a new inspiration or theme, which could include a technique, tool or material. Your aim is to weave it into your own work, to help you think outside the box.

Over 12 months, you’ll get to experiment with a range of prompts and try out ideas in ways you might not have thought of before.

Ellie Artist (Studio & Countryside)

This is remote learning, but we’re truly connected...


Lively Zoom sessions

We have a group Zoom call every month where we chat about the latest creative prompt we’re working on.

Its also a great time ask for advise, share ideas and creative tips with the group. 

If you can’t make the zoom call you watch the recording in the club area.



Join us on Facebook

Our private Facebook group is a safe space where you can…

  • Hang out with like-minded creatives
  • Share your work and talk all things textiles
  • Ask for advice if you’re stuck on a project
  • Share some new creative techniques you have been working on.
Ellie Artist (Studio & Countryside)

About Ellie Hipkin

Flourish was born out of my love for textile art and the importance it has in my life.

For me, Flourish has always been about connecting with textile art lovers from around the world and sharing the wellbeing benefits of regular creativity.

Read more about the path that took me from a career in fashion to life as a textile artist and teacher.

“Ellie is very warm and inspiring. You feel you are on this journey with her and she is encouraging you all the way..”

The Flourish Club will give you...

• A soundboard of like-minded textile artists to bounce ideas off

• A community with a sense of belonging when you’re feeling alone

• A boost to your portfolio with new ideas and ways of working

• Constructive criticism in a warm and encouraging way

• New textile-loving friends!

"It's such fun playing and trying out things you would never have done were it not for Flourish.”

Everyone brings something different

Textile mixed media can be so varied… and that’s the beauty of it!

Maybe you incorporate hand stitching as well as machine embroidery?
Perhaps you focus on using distinct and unusual found objects?
Or maybe you’ve come up with a new technique?

This community is about bringing together a range of experienced artists with a whole host of skills. We’ll inspire each other and offer tips and tricks, as well as helpful feedback. It’s a safe space – there’s no judgement here!

Ready for a fun year in the Flourish Club?

You’ll get access to our club area and, if you’re not already a member, our Facebook group within 24 hours of signing up!

Please read our terms and conditions before you subscribe.

Ways to pay....

Pay monthly

Best for cash flow


Membership is for a minimum of 12 months.

Pay annually

Lowest price

£270 - save 10%

It works out as only £22.50 a month!

Enjoy a no-risk trial

If you decide the Flourish Club isn’t for you, you’ll have 14 days to cancel your subscription and get a full, no-quibble refund.

Looking for more details about the Flourish Club works?