Flourish Gradute Club FAQs

I hope I can answer all your questions about joining the Flourish Club.

And if you don’t see the information you need, please feel free to drop me an email.

Q: Do I need to have completed the full 12 months of the Flourish membership to join the Flourish Graduate Club

A: Yes you need to have completed the full 12 months membership. If you would like to re-join the membership to complete your 12 months please contact me.  

Q: How much time will I need to dedicate to the Flourish Club?

A: The aim of the Graduate club is to boost your inspiration and add to your skill set. A new skill’s lesson will be added to the library every 6-8 weeks, which could include a technique, tool or material. Your aim is to weave it into your own work, to help you think outside the box.

There’s also our (optional but popular) monthly Zoom call, where we talk through new ideas, techniques and give advice. The Facebook community is also available for you to dip into as much or as little as you like.

Q: What happens if I join but then can’t find the time to make use of it?

A: Firstly, as explained above, the ‘skill’ lessons can be woven into your own creative practice, helping you to look at what you are doing in a different way and pushing your current practice forward with the help of the Flourish community.  

Secondly, a core part of Flourish membership is changing your mindset around your creative practice so that you place real value on your creativity. The community will be there to help you stay motivated and committed.

However, if you really do find you can’t fit it in, it’s no problem. You can cancel subscription at anytime.

Q: Do I need to practice textile mixed media or can any textile art be part of the Graduate Club

A: Absolutely! All forms of textile art are welcome. A community of varied textile artists can bring a variety of different skills and styles which will only make the community stronger.  

Q: What if I can’t make the drop-in zoom calls?

A: There will be 2 calls a month for you to choose from, however, if you still can’t make it a recording will be put into the club area within 24 hours of the call. So you won’t miss out on the fun chat, inspiration and sharing of technical tips! You can also request I cover a particular question if you can’t make it.

Q: Can I leave the Graduate Club and come back again? 

A: Yes the graduate club is there to be flexible for you, you can cancel your subscription at anytime and you can re-join when it suits you. 

Q: Can I keep the membership projects and the ‘skill” lessons after cancelling my subscription? 

A: No, at the end of the month you can cancelled your subscription, you will not longer have access to the Flourish Graduate Club area and its teaching.