Flourish Club FAQs

I hope I can answer all your questions about joining the Flourish Club.

And if you don’t see the information you need, please feel free to drop me an email.

Q: I do not have much experience textile art, is the Flourish Club right for me?

A: No not the moment, the club is only for experienced textile artist who are happy with their own creative practice. The club isn’t offering teaching but inspiration, community and support. You may want to consider joining the Flourish membership which is a teaching membership for textile mixed media art. The membership only opens for enrolment 3 times a year but you can register your interest until the next opening. 

Q: How much time will I need to dedicate to the Flourish Club?

A: At the core of the club is a monthly creative prompt. We will look at inspiration or theme, which could include a technique, tool or material. Your aim is to weave it into your own work, to help you think outside the box.

There’s also our (optional but popular) monthly Zoom call, where we talk through new ideas, creative prompts and techniques. The Facebook community is also available for you to dip into as much or as little as you like.

Q: What happens if I join but then can’t find the time to make use of it?

A: Firstly, as explained above, the monthly creative prompts can be woven into your own creative practice, helping you to look at what you are doing in a different way and pushing your current practice forward with the help of the Flourish community.  

Secondly, a core part of Flourish membership is changing your mindset around your creative practice  so that you place real value on your creativity. The community be there to help you stay motivated and committed.

However, if you really do find you can’t fit it in, it’s no problem. In the first 14 days you can request a full, no-quibble refund. And after that you can choose not to renew when your subscription comes to an end.

Q: Do I need to practice textile mixed media or can any textile artist join?

A: Absolutely! All experienced textile artists are welcome. A community of varied textile artists can bring a variety of different skills and styles which will only make the community stronger.  

Q: What if I can’t make the monthly zoom call?

A: A recording will be put into the club area within 24 hours of the call. So you won’t miss out on the fun chat, inspiration and sharing of technical tips! You can also request I cover a particular question if you can’t make it.

Q: What materials will I need?

A: This depends on your own creative practice, I hope you can weave the creative prompts into your own style of work and wouldn’t need to buy new materials. 

If, however you would like to try a new material I have shown you in the one of the prompts, you can refer to list of recommended suppliers where I state all the materials I use.

Q: Where will I find the monthly creative prompts?

A: www.flourish-hub.com has a members’ club area. You’ll get access, with your own account, when you enrol. When your first creative prompt is launched, you’ll be alerted by email, with a link. Then you just click on the video to watch it, as many times as you like. It’s very easy!

Q: What if I get stuck and don’t know how to approach the prompt?

A: Easy – just drop me an email. You’re never on your own. I’m here to support your creative journey and will help you get back on track. We can also talk it though on our monthly zoom calls, the club community is here to keep your creative practice moving forward.   

You’ll also find huge support, and lots of ideas, in our Facebook community.

Q: How long do I get to keep access to the creative prompt videos?

A: You’ll have access as long as you’re in the Flourish club.

You will not loose the prompt at the end of the month. If you didn’t manage to work on it that month you still have access to all the prompts while you are a Flourish Club member.

Q: Why is the club a 12 month commitment?

A: I believe to build a community with real connection of like-minded textile artists a commitment of time is required, otherwise it becomes too transient. 

Q: I’ve heard you talk about ‘creative play’. What does this mean?

A: I’ve noticed that when adults are making art, they tend to put all their focus on the end result, putting pressure on themselves to produce something ‘good’. This can be limiting, creating a sense of tension throughout the project.

At Flourish the emphasis is on freeing yourself up, and enjoying the process, as children do. By seeing your projects as creative play – or as ‘research’ if you prefer – you’ll learn so much more about yourself, and what you like, as you go. And you’re actually more likely to love the results.