Membership FAQs

I hope I can answer all your questions about being a member of Flourish.

Please do scroll down for a video tour of the online membership area. 

And if you don’t see the information you need, please feel free to drop me an email.

Q: How much time will I need to dedicate to membership of Flourish?

A: At the core of your membership is a monthly project. I design these so they can be completed in around three hours. You can do it all in one session, or spread it out over the month. You can also spend longer on it if you like, trying out different approaches.

There’s also our (optional but popular) monthly Zoom call, which lasts one hour. The Facebook community is also available for you to dip into as much or as little as you like.

Q: What happens if I join but then can’t find the time to make use of it?

A: Firstly, as explained above, the projects should only take up three hours each month. I’m sure that, by blocking out one slot in your diary, and letting your family know it’s non-negotiable, you can find three hours to do something that brings you peace and fulfilment. (You might also want to consider handing a regular chore over to someone else, making use of quiet times early in the morning, or having one evening where you put your phone away and keep the TV off. These small changes can make all the difference!)

Secondly, a core part of Flourish membership is changing your mindset so that you place real value on your creativity. I’ll be there to help you stay motivated and committed.

However, if you really do find you can’t fit it in, it’s no problem. In the first 14 days you can request a full, no-quibble refund. And after that you can choose not to renew when your subscription comes to an end.

Q: I haven’t painted in years. Is this for me?

A: Absolutely! No skill or experience is expected – Flourish membership is aimed at beginners. It’s about exploring your creativity and having fun trying out new skills, with no pressure to produce ‘perfect’ art. Having said that, members are often amazed by what they discover they can produce!

Q: I’ve never tried free motion embroidery before. Will I be out of my depth?

A: Not at all.

Firstly, I’ve prepared this guide to setting up your sewing machine for free motion embroidery. Once you’ve followed it through, and your machine is ready, it might be a good idea to dig out some spare material and have a go at creating some flowing lines and shapes.

Free motion embroidery also features in the library of skills-focussed videos, available for all members. I also include tips in the videos that accompany each project.

It won’t be long until you can enjoy creating free motion embroidery with confidence. It’s an exciting skill to learn, and the whole point is that it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Q: What materials will I need?

A: At the start of each project, you’ll receive an email detailing the materials you’ll need. However, you won’t need to buy new ones each month – we tend to use the same types of materials, just in different ways. My list of recommended suppliers will give you a good idea.

Q: Where will I find the monthly projects?

A: has a members’ area. You’ll get access, with your own account, when you enrol. When your first project is launched, you’ll be alerted by email, with a link. Then you just click on the video to watch it, as many times as you like. It’s very easy!

Q: What if I get stuck and don’t know how to complete a project?

A: Easy – just drop me an email. You’re never on your own. I’m here to support you through to completion, and will help you get back on track. You’ll also find huge support, and lots of ideas, in our Facebook community.

Q: How long do I get to keep access to the project videos?

A: You’ll have access as long as you’re in the membership.

You will not loose the projects at the end of the month. If you didn’t manage to work on it that month you still have access to all the projects you have received while you are a Flourish Club member.

Q: Why should I book for the full 12 months?

A: Choosing the 12-month option gives you a 15% discount, which means getting nearly two months free. If you know you want to experience the full cycle of projects, across the year, this is the best value option. Also at the end of the 12 months you have an extra 2 months access to all the membership projects. Once completing the full 12 months you will also be invited to join the Flourish Club 

Q: What if I choose the three- or six-month option? What happens at the end of that?

A: If you do nothing, your membership will automatically renew for another three or six months (matching your original subscription). But you’ll be alerted in advance, with plenty of time to cancel if you choose to.

Q: I’ve heard you talk about ‘creative play’. What does this mean?

A: I’ve noticed that when adults are making art, they tend to put all their focus on the end result, putting pressure on themselves to produce something ‘good’. This can be limiting, creating a sense of tension throughout the project.

At Flourish the emphasis is on freeing yourself up, and enjoying the process, as children do. By seeing your projects as creative play – or as ‘research’ if you prefer – you’ll learn so much more about yourself, and what you like, as you go. And you’re actually more likely to love the results.

Q: If I’m an experienced textile art is Membership right for me?

A: The membership may not be the right option for you if you are an established artist and happy with your own creative practice, you may want to consider joining the Flourish Club instead. However if you want to learn textile mixed media techniques and to incorporate it into your own creative practice the membership is still relevant to you. 

Watch my video tour of the Flourish membership