Brave with Colour


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When there’s a whole world of colour out there, who wants to be stuck in a rut?

Your favourite palette – the one you’re comfortable with – can draw you in like a magnet!

But when you stick to what you know, you miss out on the joy of experimentation and discovery.

Let’s explore colour through textile art

In this step-by-step video tutorial, I share with you my techniques for approaching colour with a sense of adventure.

We’ll look at how to be brave with colour by:

  • planning for a new palette
  • finding inspiration in nature
  • my approach to colour mixing
  • and combining new colours to create a palette that’s harmonious and alive.

We’ll combine colours, textures and shapes by playing with:

  • monoprinting
  • hand embroidery
  • free motion embroidery
  • fabric paints
  • different coloured threads
  • appliqués
  • mark-making
October's project - Brave with Colour

Colour studies you can apply to any palette

We’ll be exploring autumnal colours – rich reds, fuchsias, burnt oranges and golds. If these are your go-to tones, you’ll love exploring them in detail.

I chose Autumn colours because they’re not my natural inclination. I want to share with you the excitement I felt as I pushed myself to experiment. But you can use this approach anytime of year.

You’ll be able to use this open-minded approach to try out the colours you typically avoid, perhaps taking your lead from nature throughout the  seasons

Materials you'll need:

  • Seasonal inspiration
  • Cotton canvas
  • Fabric paints
  • selection of light cotton fabrics & netting (optional)
  • Objects and plants to print with (like seedheads and leaves)
  • Heavy interfacing 
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sewing machine and threads for free motion embroidery
  • Embroidery thread for hand stitches

You’ll create amazing textures with these materials – they’re readily available in shops and online. (You’ll receive a more detailed supplies list as soon as you sign up).


Meet your tutor - Ellie Hipkin

Ellie Hipkin is a textile mixed media artist, based in Brighton on the South coast of England. She draws inspiration from the colours, contours and ever-changing atmosphere of the South Downs, the Sussex coastline and the wild plants she finds when out walking. Her paintings feature one-off imprints taken from seed heads and grasses, and she adds movement with free-motion embroidery and hand stitch. 

After studying fashion design, she worked as a designer for 12 years, but when she experienced unthinkable loss, it was her first love – textile art – that provided a way to cope. Now a professional artist, Ellie explores many of the techniques she learnt in her earlier career: fabric painting, monoprinting, embroidery, appliqué and collage.

In this workshop Ellie shares with you many of the techniques she loves to use within her own textile artwork.

View her work here

It’s time to find the colour-confident artist inside you

Expanding your colour horizons will allow you to take your work in new directions, and discover combinations that make your heart sing.


(approx $84)