Brave With Colour


When there’s a whole world of colour out there, who wants to be stuck in a rut?
Your favourite palette – the one you’re comfortable with – can draw you in like a magnet!
But when you stick to what you know, you miss out on the joy of experimentation and discovery.

Let’s explore colour through textile art

In this step-by-step video tutorial, I share with you my techniques for approaching colour with a sense of adventure.

We’ll look at how to be brave with colour by:

  • planning for a new palette
  • finding inspiration in nature
  • mixing your own paints
  • and combining new colours to create a palette that’s harmonious and alive.

We’ll combine colours, textures and shapes by playing with:

  • monoprinting
  • hand embroidery
  • free motion embroidery
  • fabric paints
  • different coloured threads
  • appliqués
  • mark-making

Colour studies you can apply to any palette

We’ll be exploring autumnal colours – rich reds, fuchsias, burnt oranges and golds. If these are your go-to tones, you’ll love exploring them in detail.
But I chose them because they’re not my natural inclination. I want to share with you the excitement I felt as I pushed myself to experiment.
You’ll be able to use this open-minded approach to try out the colours you typically avoid, perhaps taking your lead from nature throughout the year.

It’s time to find the colour-confident artist inside you

Expanding your colour horizons will allow you to take your work in new directions, and discover combinations that make your heart sing.