Coastal Layers
with Deborah Campbell

Textile mixed media art project


Join Deborah Campbell exciting online workshop ‘Coastal Layers’

Explore the various techniques and processes that she uses in her textile work. Learn the process that Deborah simply never tire of and visit again and again. A process that is always full of surprises and fun.

Gain confidence with new techniques

Come and share the excitement and playfulness of this process as I guide you through 10 step by step videos towards creating a beautiful coastal landscape inspired by my work.

You will learn how to create a coastal textile art piece by:

  • learning how to make your own gel plate
  • making your own printing blocks and combine these with gel printing
  • you’ll experiment with different methods of layering and tearing fabrics
  • look at composition through collage
  • learn how to creatively construct your textile art using free motion machine embroidery as you’re drawing tool
  • add embellishment and mark making through hand embroidery.

Print soft coastal textures

You’ll learn how to print beautiful soft coastal textures onto a selection of different weights of fabric including sheers which will then be layered to bring depth of colour & pattern to your work.

If you love textile art but sometimes look at the bundles of fabric you’ve collected over the years and wonder how or what to create? Or you are just simply looking for some inspiration to move you forward and give you focus then this course is perfect for you.

It’s a great opportunity to bring neglected or recycled fabrics back to life and give them a new creative purpose.

Discover your creative side

We all have a creative side but it is just a matter of finding the right medium and way of working to let that creativity flow. Textile Art is such a fascinating and exciting medium to work in, it offers you the opportunity for experimenting and exploring. It gives you a place to play and combine techniques and even break the rules.

All through this process you will be encouraged to experiment and explore different possibilities to help build your confidence in your own creativity.

Meet your tutor - Deborah Campbell

I’m Deborah Campbell and I’m a mixed media/textile artist based in Kilmacolm on the West of Scotland. I have a fascination for bringing recycled fabrics back to life, through combining print and stitch. I trained in Printed Textiles at Glasgow School of Art and have a wide knowledge and experience of printing on fabric.

My textile artwork is inspired by Scotland’s Coastal Landscape and Birdlife. Since art school I have always been fascinated by print, however my approach to print now is much more painterly and spontaneous using quite simply methods of printing, which don’t require a huge amount of equipment. I love to work onto many different fabric textures including organza and gauze which give me the option to create depth of colour and pattern through layering. These fabrics are then collaged together and I use my free motion sewing machine needle and thread as a drawing tool to create complex organic artworks.

Search your cupboards for some of the materials – you might already have some?

Here are some of the materials you will need, a lot of what I like to use can be sourced from around the house at no cost. However the following show a list of what you might have to source online or at a local art store.

You’ll need:

  • Gelatine & Glycerine
  • Soft Cut Lino and Cutting Tool
  • Acrylics or Fabric paints
  • Roller
  • Variety of recycled fabrics
  • Light fabrics (like organza)
  • Backing fabric (like felt)
  • Bonda web or pins
  • Sewing machine set up for free motion embroidery and machine threads
  • Darning needle and embroidery threads

Once you sign up, you can go to each worksheet which will have a list of materials needed at each stage and a link of where to purchase these online. Equally you can go to your search engine and source your own suppliers.

All through this process you will be encouraged to experiment and explore different possibilities to help build your confidence in your own creativity.


Become a member of Deborah’s textile family

You will have the opportunity to join my Facebook Group which is a fantastic place to share your work and get feedback as well as ask questions about the course.

Once enrolled you will have instant and lifetime access to the entire course so you can go through the videos & worksheets at your own pace.

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