Mini Abstract Collage Workshop:
create your first abstract collection

Price: £65 

(Approx. $84 at the time of publishing)

Lifetime access – you can watch, pause and rewind as many times as you wish. 

If you’re new to textile art, this easy-to-follow video tutorial is a fabulous and playful way to get started.

Your four mixed-media collages will be small in scale but big in impact!

You’ll try out simple painting, printing and embroidery techniques. Then assemble your hand-made, embellished elements into a gorgeous collection you’re proud of.

A chance to explore exciting materials

I’ll show you how you can work with:

  • print with seasonal finds from nature
  • mark-making with found objects
  • paper
  • canvas
  • stitch-able cotton rag paper
  • lutradur (a new and versatile addition to the textiles world)
  • ‘dobby’ cottons (woven fabric with small geometric patterns)
  • bondaweb (a fabric adhesive I love to print on!)
  • Fabric paints or acrylics with fabric medium
  • Free motion embroidery 

All of these are available in shops and online. You’ll receive a comprehensive supplies list as soon as you sign up, and can gather as many of the items as you like.

Creating beautiful effects with paint

You’ll try out fabric paints and/or acrylic paints on all these different bases, using brushes and other interesting tools for mark-making.

Applying paint directly onto items such as feathers, leaves and seedheads, you’ll discover how easy it is to create fabulous monoprinted effects.

At this stage we’ll work on larger pieces of fabric, to give you plenty of space to play, and lots to choose from when you’re ready to assemble your mini artworks.

Building up your collage, layer by layer

Now you can lay out all your different elements and learn how to select and combine them in a way that feels balanced, harmonious and pleasing to the eye. It’s sooooo satisfying.

Embellishing with embroidery

I’m constantly wowed by embroidery’s power to transform a collage.

We’ll use the botanical shapes created by our monoprinting to guide the stitching.

If you’re new to free motion embroidery, this is a brilliant opportunity to discover the freedom and creativity it allows. It’s not scary! I’ll show you how to set up your machine and get started.

(You can always stick to hand stitching if you prefer.)

All inspired by a favourite landscape

Having a photo as a starting point will give you a focus for the shapes, colours and textures in your abstract art.

You might like to start thinking now about an image to work from. You can browse online, or select from your own photos. Alternatively you can use the photo I share in the tutorial.

Meet your tutor - Ellie Hipkin

Ellie Hipkin is a textile mixed media artist, based in Brighton on the South coast of England. She draws inspiration from the colours, contours and ever-changing atmosphere of the South Downs, the Sussex coastline and the wild plants she finds when out walking. Her paintings feature one-off imprints taken from seed heads and grasses, and she adds movement with free-motion embroidery and hand stitch. 

After studying fashion design, she worked as a designer for 12 years, but when she experienced unthinkable loss, it was her first love – textile art – that provided a way to cope. Now a professional artist, Ellie explores many of the techniques she learnt in her earlier career: fabric painting, monoprinting, embroidery, appliqué and collage.

In this workshop Ellie shares with you many of the techniques she loves to use within her own textile artwork.

View her work here

Carving out some creative time for you

You’ll follow the step-by-step demonstrations at home, whenever suits you.

With lifetime access to the tutorial, you can always enjoy the project again in future, perhaps inspired by a different image.

Achievable for everyone

All you need is a desire to get creative with paint, fabric and thread.
Sign up to discover what you can do.

Get started today

You’ll receive instant access to the video tutorials as well as a supplies list and instructions for setting up your sewing machine for free motion embroidery.


(Approx. $84 at time of publishing)