Summer Bloom textile art workshop

Summer Bloom

Textile mixed media art project

Sign up by Monday 1st July at 7pm
Workshop is available from Wednesday 3rd July

Price: only £65 (approx $83*) for lifetime access

Embrace Summer’s Inspiration!

The summer months are the perfect time to gather botanical inspiration for your next textile art project. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and let it fuel your creativity.

Across 8 easy-to-follow videos, you’ll learn how to create a stunning textile art piece using various techniques such as mark-making, cutting your own stencils from your botanical inspiration, textile spray paints, free-machine embroidery, and hand embroidery.

Prepare for a nature walk or explore your garden to find the perfect botanicals to inspire your artwork. This is the ideal time of year to use summer botanicals to create beautiful, layered artworks.

Making time to play and experiment with materials and found objects is all part of the fun of textile art. Discover the joy of combining painting and textile techniques—especially if you’ve never tried mixing them before.

Unwind and Get Creative This Summer!

Summer can be the perfect time to take your ‘foot off the pedal’ and find some you-time to unwind. Our Textile Art Workshop offers you the ideal way to relax, express yourself, and be amazed at what you can achieve.

From the comfort of your home, you can follow along with our 8 easy-to-follow, pre-recorded videos. Pause, rewind, and watch them as much as you like, ensuring you fully absorb every technique and tip.

You’ll have lifetime access to these videos, so you can take your time, enjoy the project at your own pace, and revisit it whenever you desire.

Be inspired by a range of fun materials

I always choose materials that are easy to find in shops and online!

You’ll need:

• Summer flowers inspiration
• Cotton canvas /sheer fabrics (like organza)
• Sewing machine with a darning foot, and threads
• Mylar Acetate / tracing paper
• Soldering iron / or cutting knife
• Fabric paints / Spray paints
• Everyday objects for mark-making to create texture (like cardboard and hessian)

Once you sign up, you can log in and get instant access to a complete list of materials with a video of me walking you through them (and any alternatives you can use instead), so you can get prepared before the workshop goes live.

In the UK? You’ll get links to my recommended online suppliers.
Not in the UK? I’m always happy to help if you’d like me to check any products.

What you'll learn

  • Stencil Creation: Learn to design and cut your own stencils inspired by summer botanicals.
  • Textile Painting: Explore mark-making and using textile paints.
  • Textile Spray Painting: Build layers into your artwork using a combination of stencils and spray paints
  • Sheer fabrics: Add textures with fabrics. The beauty of using sheer fabrics is you can still see all the painted detail in the painting.
  • Embroidery Techniques: Add intricate details and texture with free-motion embroidery and hand embroidery.

Experiment with painting and embroidery

Experience the joy of mixing various painting techniques with intricate embroidery to create truly layered and unique artworks. This workshop is designed to ignite your creativity, combining textile paints and spray paints with free motion and hand embroidery.

By designing your own stencils, you will have a guide for your free motion embroidery, allowing you to seamlessly integrate painted designs with embroidered details. Layering with sheer fabrics and embroidery adds depth and texture, bringing your artwork to life. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced artist, this workshop offers a fun and inspiring environment to explore these techniques.


Meet your tutor - Ellie Hipkin

Ellie Hipkin is a textile mixed media artist, based in Brighton on the South coast of England. She draws inspiration from the colours, contours and ever-changing atmosphere of the South Downs, the Sussex coastline and the wild plants she finds when out walking. Her paintings feature one-off imprints taken from seed heads and grasses, and she adds movement with free-motion embroidery and hand stitch. 

After studying fashion design, she worked as a designer for 12 years, but when she experienced unthinkable loss, it was her first love – textile art – that provided a way to cope. Now a professional artist, Ellie explores many of the techniques she learnt in her earlier career: fabric painting, monoprinting, embroidery, appliqué and collage.

In this workshop Ellie shares with you many of the techniques she loves to use within her own textile artwork.

View her work here

Sign-ups close on Monday 1st July at 7pm

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get access to the supplies list, welcome and materials video – explaining what you can use for this workshop, and instructions for setting up your sewing machine for free-motion embroidery.

The workshop is going live on Wednesday 3rd July – you’ll then have lifetime access.

Ready to get your materials, clear your schedule, and find a cosy spot to get creative?

Book now for £65

(approx $83*)

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“I thought it was amazing. You explain things so well, never rushed, making it accessible to everyone especially those who are beginners. Thank you”

"I loved the workshop It’s given me confidence to try something different. I love the mark making using different materials free motion embroidery just loved it all thanks for sharing with us"

"Excellent video course enabling you to work at your own pace. I have learnt a lot. Thanks Ellie"