Abstract Textile Painting Course by Ellie Hipkin

Textile Abstract Painting Short Course – 2023

New course will start in 2023

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Course format: pre-recorded video tutorials, released in stages, plus three Zoom sessions

Begin the year with a creative journey, building up the skills to create your own beautiful abstract textile painting.

We’ll cover the full range of techniques that I use in my own work:

  • abstract painting onto fabric
  • monoprinting (where we paint directly onto plants or household objects and then use them to create one-off prints)
  • free motion embroidery.

You can mirror my demonstrations exactly or use the techniques within your own style.

The three scheduled Zoom sessions (dates below) are where you can ask questions, make sure you’re getting the most from the tutorials and share your progress with other participants.

You’ll also be invited to connect with others on our Facebook group.

Part 1: abstract painting

4 x approx. 30-minute videos

In this first section you’ll learn how to use textile paints, working directly onto raw cotton canvas. You’ll become confident in using washes and playing with pattern and adding texture with mark-making.

You’ll also use materials from around the home to experiment with monoprinting.

You’ll experience how building up the layers of colour changes the feel of the painting, adding mood and depth.

Part 2: monoprinting

1 x approx. 45-minute video

In this session you’ll paint directly onto real grasses and seedheads sourced from your own garden, park or country walks. I’ll show you how to get beautiful results as you use them to make prints, firstly on practice sheets and then directly onto your painting.

This technique is so much fun, and really adds something unique and natural to your work.

Part 3: free motion embroidery

6 x approx. 20-minute videos

For me, a piece isn’t finished without this injection of detail and texture.

I’ll demonstrate how you can use your sewing machine to have fun translating sketches into embroidery.

You’ll get to practise on separate fabric before adding that gorgeous final layer to your painting. Once you’ve got the hang of it you won’t want to stop!

Course timetable – Dates to be confirmed

When you register: You’ll receive the list of what you’ll need for the course.

Week 1: introductory Zoom session to say hello before we begin, and to make sure you’re feeling inspired and ready to get started. We’ll also check you’ve got all the equipment and materials you’ll need.
Video tutorials released for part 1: abstract painting.

Week 3: live Q&A session on Zoom. We’ll check in to see how you’ve been getting on with painting onto fabric, to answer any questions and to make sure you’re getting the best results you can.
Video tutorials released for part 2: monoprinting.

Week 5: Video tutorials released for part 3: free motion embroidery.

Week 6: live Zoom session to end the course. You can share your work, discuss what you’ve learnt and explore what you might like to do next.


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