9 ways to make your own creative space (even if it’s tiny)

Ellie Artist (Studio & Countryside)

Making a permanent area where you can be creative can feel like a big commitment, especially if you haven’t got lots of space at home…

But, having to unpack everything then tidy it all away again at the end of your creative session can feel very heavy. It puts pressure on that fun time because you feel the need to ‘be productive’ and ‘always create a finished piece’.

The first step is to change your mindset around putting yourself and your creativity first. It can be tricky – I know, because I’ve been there!

As a mum, I’m dreadful at putting myself first. I always used to focus on making sure everyone else was alright before I allowed myself to have fun with my textile art projects.

But when I accepted that making time to be creative makes me happy and puts me in a better place for my family, I realised I had to make it a priority.

If you want to live a creative life (professional or not) it’s okay to have a little dedicated space just for you. Especially since the most effective way to push your creative practice forward is through joy and play!

The best part is: you don’t need a garden studio, or even a whole room! Some small changes can make such a difference.


Here are my 9 tips for making your own creative space:

  1. Find the right spot: Is there somewhere in your home that’s cluttered with storage you don’t really need? Have a clear out and use the space for you! Take over the garage, attic, basement or even a corner of a room.
  2. Choose the best lighting: Decide whether you need to find a space next to a window for natural light, or if you’ve got enough room for plenty of lamps to make the space bright and inviting.
  3. Establish your surface area: Once you’ve chosen your space, you’re going to need enough room for creative play. You can find desks and folding tables in so many different sizes online and in shops to suit the space you’ve got – or you could build your own!
  4. Space-saving tips: Instead of a desk, how about a bench that’s higher so you’ve got more storage underneath?
  5. Consider your storage: An organised space will help you feel calmer because you’ll know exactly where everything is, and you’ll find it much more inviting. Think about what makes most sense for your space and art materials: shelves, drawers, baskets, wall organisers, storage boxes or trolleys on wheels.
  6. Use free-standing shelves: If you don’t want to drill shelves into your walls, try free-standing shelves! You’ll get all the storage benefits AND you’ll be able to change the position if you need to. (You can even use them to hide your desk.)
  7. Embrace the full height: Use all the space you’ve got – hang a washing line above you to dry your artworks and fabrics. And for some greenery, hang plants from the ceiling.
  8. Noticeboard inspiration: There’s nothing worse than sitting down to be creative and not having any ideas, so putting up a noticeboard is the perfect way to be continually inspired. Add photos, sketches and found objects to keep you motivated. Don’t hide them away in a sketchbook!
  9. Divide up the space: Keep your creative flow going with different areas for different activities (like painting and sewing). Divide your desk in half so you’ve got an area where you can be messy, and one you can keep clean for your sewing machine. If you’ve got enough room, get a desk for each!

From working with my Flourish members (and from my own experience of overcoming my mindset around putting my creativity first), I know that creating a dedicated space for you to dip in and out of your projects whenever you want is a game changer.

Being able to leave things out means you can approach your artwork more playfully and in a more relaxed way, and you’ll have more time to think about what you’re doing. It’ll also help you relieve the pressure of needing to ‘achieve a piece of art’ and the heaviness of tidying up after every session.

Creativity isn’t a luxury you have to earn because you’ve done all your chores and everyone in the family is okay. You’re allowed to say, ‘I need this for me.’

Now go and make your creative space – you deserve it!

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